Thinking about hiring a VA? 

Would I be on the right track if I said there's prrrrrrrobably a lot of negative chatter in your head around hiring a VA? I can help give you clarity when it comes to who you need, how to hire and what you need to do next.

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Perhaps just thinking about playing bigger in your business by hiring that first team member makes you want to run and hide.

I get it. I really do.

I'm Victoria Tretis, and over the last three years I've hired VAs and employees for my business.

I've felt that same resistance.

A hesitation even.

And so I want to help ease you into hiring a VA the right way by drawing on my experience.

Because if you're keen to build a scalable business by having a team around you, you can start off with just one hour of VA support a month and build up from there.

But believe me, if you start at one hour and you get that taste of what good VA support is like...

You're going to be thinking: "Oooh, this IS nice. Victoria WAS right. I'm going to see what else I can delegate!"

It all starts with a clarity call.


Since there are only 24 hours in a day, delegating some of your tasks to someone else is the best way to free up more of your time and energy.

Time and energy better spent on other, more important things.

Like working with your clients for instance.

Finding new leads and growing your business.

Or simply relaxing and having more fun with your family.

But who can do this for you?

Who can give you the peace of mind you crave... instead of causing the nightmares you fear?

Virtual Assistants are a great solution, but you have to find 'The One'.

The one who's right for you, your business and your brand.

How to avoid outsourcing disasters

I've seen outsourcing go wrong. I know the biggest fear of any growing business owner is to end up with a Virtual Assistant who causes more problems than they solve.

The reasons behind most outsourcing troubles are always the same:

- Mismatched profiles

Letting go of certain aspects of your business is hard enough. You need to be able to trust that your VA will fit in with the values and the personality of your business.

- Mismatched skill sets

VAs come in all shapes and colours. The all-round Virtual Assistant who can do everything and anything for you is an extremely rare breed.

- Mismatched expectations

Even the most reliable and most experienced VA won't live up to your expectations... if those expectations aren't realistic.

You have to know exactly what you're delegating to your assistant, and how much time they need for those tasks.

"I've already gone on to recommend Victoria's Clarity Call to my contacts who are thinking about hiring a VA but don't know where to start. And I've done that because I am confident that what she doesn't know about hiring and onboarding a VA just isn't worth knowing." Shane

Finding the right solution for the right job

For 15+ years, I've been helping businesses run their operations more smoothly. First as an Executive Assistant, then as a Virtual Assistant and since several years, as an Online Business Manager.

No, I'm NOT offering to do the tasks you're thinking of delegating.

I am however offering you clarity, solid advice and an action plan. So you avoid any costly mistakes, and make a success of your outsourcing needs.

During a 1-hour Clarity Call you and I will:

- Identify your current situation and determine exactly what you can delegate within your business.

Chances are there's a lot more you could outsource than you realise. Don't worry, I have my methods to get that information out of you.

- Draw up the soft skills you're looking for in an assistant.

I want to know about the culture, the values, the brand and the personality of your business. This is absolutely vital in finding a VA who's the right match for you.

- Specify what sort of VA your business needs.

Once we know which tasks you want to delegate and what type of person suits your business, we can create a detailed profile of your ideal Virtual Assistant.

- Address costs and expectations.

Based on all of the above, I'll be able to tell you what fee you should be expecting to pay your VA. As well as how many hours you'll need them for per week or month.

I'll also give you hiring tips, including:

- How to be specific in your job advert, so you attract the right candidates.

- How to make shortlisting easier on yourself, so you don't waste time on choosing which candidates to interview.

- How to speed up your training and onboarding process, so you and your VA get off to the best possible start.

Your investment for all this?

£99 and an hour of your time.

By the end of our conversation you'll know WHAT, WHO and HOW:

- What tasks you can outsource;

- Who to delegate them to;

- How to find and hire your VA.

With this action plan you're maximising your chances of successfully finding, hiring and keeping a Virtual Assistant.

One who'll contribute to the sustainable growth of your business.

Money-Back Guarantee

Here's my promise to you. A double promise even. If you feel I haven't delivered your money's worth in our Clarity Call? You don't pay me anything. I'm confident you will get value from our call and I'm backing that up with this money-back guarantee. What's more, if you decide to let me look for suitable VA candidates for you, I'll deduct those £99 from my VA matchmaking fee. So book your Clarity Call now and let's get you started on taking back more of your time, energy and freedom in your business.

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